A Funeral Home Blog?

By: Dominick Abbate
Monday, February 3, 2020

To begin this blog I would first like to very briefly introduce myself (if you would like to read the whole novel can click here for my full bio).  My name is Dominick Abbate, I am a second generation funeral director/owner/manager here at the Brockett Funeral Home (how is that for brief). 

The cartoon accompanying our first blog post is rather appropriate for two reasons.  First, right now we are in the midst of compiling all our W-2's, 1099s, etc. for everyone's favorite time of year, tax season!  More importantly the humor of this cartoon is really what inspired this blogs creation.  The grim reaper, unlike the IRS, only is something we deal with personally once in our lives.  While this is true, unfortunately many of us have to navigate through the difficult times of losing loved ones.  Yes, information is available online that can assist.  Yes, funeral homes have information on their websites.  Yes, one can call a funeral home at any hour (we are open 24/7) with questions.  Yes you can stop by the funeral home 7 days a week and likely find us in the office.  All of these things are true, but sometimes making a trip or a call to the funeral home is not an easy thing to do.  Even a funeral home's website can be confusing and information often generic (yes even we are guilty). What I have found is that us funeral directors have a wealth of knowledge and experience, most importantly on local issues that should be shared and made accessible to those who need it during the most trying of times.

So there you have it.  Please check back often for updated blog posts that you might find helpful or interesting!

Have an idea for a blog post that might be helpful or others might find interesting?  Please email us at info@brockettfuneralhome.com.

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